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  • Volume 1 Getting Started

    This is Volume 1

    This book is Volume 1 of a two part set consisting of Getting Started: the License and Warranty, Chapter 1 Introduction and Launch, and one or more introductory tutorial chapters titled Getting Started with Smart Characters (2C Chinese or 2J Japanese).

    In Volume 2

    Volume 2 Reference Manual contains explanatory and reference information including: Table of Contents, 3 Menus and Dialogs, 4 Asian Language Word Processing Concepts, 5 The Word Processor Editing Window, 6 The Vocabulary Tutor, 7 Document Conversion, 8 Fonts and the Symbol Set View, 9 Transmitting User Characters, 10 Object Linking and Embedding, 11 Installation and Customization, 12 Advanced Topics, 13 DoubleByte TrueType Font Interface, Appendix A: Error Messages, Appendix B: Initialization Files, and Appendix D: Glossary. Especially important are Appendix E Examples, and Appendix F Questions, Bugs, and Updates, and the Index.

    Important Note

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    Software designed and written by Frank Kampmann.

    User's Guide written by Frank Kampmann and William English.

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