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Appendix F: Questions, Bugs, and Updates

Here to Help

If you need assistance, please contact us at Apropos Customer Service(F-1). We will be happy to listen to or read your bug reports, comments, and complaints. Additionally, we may be able to help you customize software, or solve your problems, whatever they may be. Apropos is a research and development company, not just a marketing organization. We will try our best to help.

Apropos Customer Service

The best way to get us is by voice telephone. E-mail is second best, but mail and fax require the extra time of preparing a written response (several weeks to years). The absolute worst way is via registered mail, which takes several extra weeks. Twenty-four hour telephone service (via answering machine) is provided by:

Apropos, Incorporated
Customer Service
8 Belknap Street
Arlington, MA 02174
617-648-2041 Voice
617-641-0342 Bulletin Board(D-1)/Fax

Call when you have a few minutes to work on your computer. Because many calls are handled by the voice mail system, be prepared to leave a list of telephone numbers where you can be reached during the day, or a specific time to call at night.

Try the Web

If have access to the internet, periodically visit our web site at Navigate to the Customer Service page. From there, you can access customer service and obtain licenses, accessories, program updates, User's Group(D-8) information and files for downloading, and links to other interesting sites. Our ftp site is change directory to pub/users/apropos You can upload (zipped) example files to the uploads directory, but send e-mail to Apropos Customer Service to let us know, otherwise your upload will be deleted automatically.

Try the BBS

If you have a modem and a communications program, you will be able to access the User's Group(D-8) Bulletin Board(D-1), for some of the same services as is found on the web.

Returning Materials

If you want to return any material to Apropos, be sure to call first for a Returned Materials Authorization (RMA) number. Write the number on all correspondence, and on the outside on the shipping carton. Pack the carton well to avoid shipping damage.

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Need more info? Go to the Customer Service Page. Questions or comments? E-mail to Apropos Customer Service

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