Apropos Smart Characters

Use Your PC to Master Chinese and Japanese

Enjoy fluency by leveraging your Asian language skills with Smart Characters integrated word processing, reading, writing, translating, and learning tool for PCs. Handy on-line references, dictionaries, pinyin, furigana, and English annotations speed reading, writing, and translation. Learn and use kanji and hanzi while creating your own documents, faxes, and vocabulary lessons.

E-mail, call, write, or click for a free brochure, or order today! Version 3.0 for Windows 3.1, 3.11, NT, or Windows 95 is just $179.95. The DoubleByte TrueType font interface is $49.95. Smart Characters for Students DOS version 2.9 is only $99.95. Satisfaction guaranteed. Mastercard/Visa.

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Unfamiliar with the Chinese or Japanese languages? See background information for a discussion of the terms and concepts used in far east languages.

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