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The Vocabulary Tutor

The Vocabulary Tutor

The vocabulary tutor combines electronic flashcards(D- - 3) with patient but insistent coaching to provide a rapid and effective method of vocabulary building. A typical vocabulary session lasts 15 minutes to one hour, with several hundred trials. We are happy to report that this method of vocabulary learning appears to be the most effective of any we have tried, when used in combination with another form of instruction. See the discussions About the Vocabulary Lessons (Chinese)(2C- 19), (Japanese)(2J- 12), A Typical Lesson (C)(2C- 23), (J)(2J- 17), and Don't Forget to Read (C)(2C- 24), (J)(2J- 18).

Three-Sided Flashcards

Smart Characters emulates a flashcard with three sides: phrase, pronunciation, and meaning. The phrase is always an Asian language word or phrase, the pronunciation is written in the native alphabet, and the meaning is in English (or other Roman language).

Forward and Reverse Drills

The tutor is equally effective in drilling both directions to and from a target language. The forward drill consists of a phrase question followed by its pronunciation and meaning. The reverse drill starts with a meaning question, followed by the phrase and the pronunciation. You can separate these two answers by adding a second question stage. See the Added Stage(3- 42) command.

Quick Reflexes Are Essential

The educational goal is to have instant vocabulary recall. However, Smart Characters measures only how quickly you can press a key, so besides a quick mind, a quick hand is essential. If you play video games, you most likely have already developed the reflexes necessary to "play" Smart Characters Vocabulary. If not, your physical reaction time could well be longer than your vocabulary recall times, resulting in inaccurate scoring, since a high time score means slow or poor recall. See Practicing the Keyboard (Chinese)(2C- 21, ) (Japanese)(2J- 15) and Develop the Rhythm C(2C- 22), J(2J- 16).

Expert Time

Because Smart Characters concentrates on words with time scores higher than the expert time, if you do not answer within the expert time, you will only rarely be asked new words. Instead, you will be asked over and over just the same words which, for some reason, you still can't answer quickly. If you get tired of this, select Setup Tutor(3- 40), increase the expert time, and you will be asked a wider selection of words.

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