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The Drill

Beginning the Drill

Assuming you have opened a vocabulary lesson(D- - 8) with words that meet the selection(3- 40) criteria (otherwise the Nothing Opened or Selected(3- 38) dialog takes over), Smart Characters begins the three stage drill by drawing the flashcard(6- 2) window, the history(3- 40) window, the status(3- 40) window, and the select word stage(3- 41) menu.

In the select word stage you can Quit, Rescore the last word, go back to a Previous word, or proceed to the Next word. In the question(3- 42) stage, Smart Characters selects and displays a word or phrase and starts the stopwatch. You try to recall and verbalize the word's pronunciation and meaning until you run out of time or give up. See the examples beginning with Learning the Lesson (Chinese)(2C- 22), (Japanese)(2J- 16).

Pressing any key or running out of time stops the stopwatch, displays the answer, and invokes the Scoring Stage(3- 42) menu. Optionally, you can select a Second Question Stage(3- 42) to display the pronunciations, but not the translations.

When all answers have been displayed, you read the answers, decide whether you were right or wrong, and press a corresponding key. Smart Characters calculates and displays the word's new score, and returns to the Select Word(3- 41) stage to begin a new cycle.

FlashCard Window

The flashcard window consists of three lines: one question line and two answer lines. In the forward drill, the question line typically shows Chinese characters. The first answer line is the same word or phrase written with alphabetic characters only. The third line shows a brief meaning in English (or French, etc.). The lines are shown according to the stages in the drill.

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