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Installing User Fonts

User Fonts

User fonts contain user characters(4- 10), rare or unusual characters that are not in a standard font. Smart Characters user fonts are separately and explicitly accessed and documented (see Transmitting User Characters(9- 1)) to avoid problems arising from multiple users and electronic document transmission (e-mail). You can create any number of user fonts for any purpose. Any document can access up to three or four of these. See user font(4- 12).

Maintaining Uniqueness

Each user's unique user fonts(8- 3) should be uniquely identified. At a minimum, you should maintain a unique symbol set ID(8- 4), and unique font file names(8- 4) corresponding to whatever typeface(4- 11) and point sizes(D- - 6) you create. If you continue to use the factory default user font(4- 12) specification 1012:DefaultUser ... 16h0usr0.fnt then the possibility will exist that two different user fonts with these names may be confused when transmitting or receiving a document. Erroneous characters may be displayed. Worse, you may accidentally overwrite your user font with another of the same name.

Installing a User Font

To install a user font(4- 12), use the Hanzi / Kanji CreateUserFont(3- 45) command.

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