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Installing Accessories

Installing Accessories

Accessories come in ZIP archive(D- - 9) format on one or more disks, plus an associated Install program (typically a DOS batch file). The installation batch file un-archives the files in the module, copies them to the correct Smart Characters directories, and modifies your initialization or configuration files to complete the installation. To install the accessory, change to the directory containing the accessory archive and the install program, then type the name of the install program followed by the drive letter.

Manual Installation

Follow or improvise on the steps contained in the installation file. To extract the installation file from the archive: To obtain the decryption key, order the accessory. You can do that by telephone or via modem by calling Apropos Customer Service(F- - 1). In the meantime, the document files in the archive are not encrypted: extract them and read them to get familiar with the accessory. Make a temporary directory (e.g., md c:\sc\docs), then:

Other Files on the Disk

Accessory disks contain updates and other accessories in ZIP archives(D- - 9) to fill up the disk. Some may not have installation batch files, and will require manual installation. Others are not free, and require a decryption key. Examine the Readme and .up1 files for contents and directions.

Smart Characters BBS

You are welcome to call the Smart Characters bulletin board(D- - 1) anytime. The main number is 617-641-0342 at speeds up to 57600 baud, error corrected. Allow 60 seconds for the modems to "negotiate." Call Apropos Customer Service(F- - 1) for alternate numbers or access methods. Generally, the BBS is divided into major menus (e.g., Files, Messages, Doors and Services, System Bulletins, etc.). These menus are further divided into directories or Areas of interest (e.g., Chinese and Japanese User's Group(D- - 8), Customer Service, Programmers and Developers, etc.). Updates and accessories can be accessed using the Files and Doors and Services menus.

Updates via E-mail

If you have an Internet e-mail address, and the ability to send and receive embedded mime encoded or uuencoded binary files, you can use it to send queries and receive updates to and from Apropos Customer Service(F- - 1). We e-mail updates by first zipping them with an encryption key, then mime encoding the resulting ZIP archive file(D- - 9) into the message. The zipping step reduces the file size, and adds a CRC check to guarantee that the files extract perfectly. You will need a mime or uuencode decoder (e.g., WinCode) to extract the zip file before running UnZip to extract the update files. Some e-mail systems (e.g., Pine) have built-in mime extraction. For these systems, you just download the attached binary file.

Incremental Updates

Incremental updates are new versions to Smart Characters which affect a specific module or file. For updates that replace existing files, there may be installation program. General directions for installing these updates are found in the text file Bullet9.msg (or on the bulletin board(D- - 1) as System Bulletin 9. You will need to work with UnZip to un-archive and copy these files into your Smart Characters directories. Certain archives are encrypted: see Pass*.doc for the decryption keys and directions. You can get decryption keys by leaving a message to the "Sysop," or by calling Apropos Customer Service(F- - 1).

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