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Hypertext Objects

opic Entry Topic Entry

A topic entry explains a short topic in one or a few paragraphs preceded by a topic header(12- 3). A topic can contain any number of hypertext(D- - 4) topic references(12- 3). For example, this and the previous paragraph are a topic entry. This topic's topic header is " topic entry(12- 3)."

Topic Header

A topic header is the title to a topic entry(12- 3), and is generally meaningful, but kept short for easy integration into the help file text. Topic headers begin a line with the topic header code (Ctrl+^). A topic header(12- 3) may not contain a topic reference(12- 3).

Topic Reference

A topic reference refers to a topic header(12- 3), and begins with the topic reference code (Ctrl+A) character, and must end on the same line with another topic reference code (Ctrl+A). It usually includes a topic reference pointer(12- 3) for fast jumping to the topic.

Topic Reference Pointer

A topic reference pointer consists of a topic pointer code (Ctrl+G) and six or more decimal digits which should be accurate to the byte. See Compiling Hypertext(12- 2). Start with all zeros.

Topic Alias Header

A topic alias header is a line that contains exactly one topic reference which concords a short phrase or word to a topic header(12- 3). This provides an index of hypertext(D- - 4) links from common words in the help text to their exact Smart Characters referents.

Context Reference

A context reference acts as a table of contents entry, relating a context to a topic header(12- 3).

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