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Making a Dictionary

Word and Phrase Dictionary Format

The word and phrase(4- 7) dictionary format is similar to the vocabulary lesson format(6- 3), without the scoring, chapter, and page numbers, and optionally without the English translation. It consists of two sections, a hypertext(D- - 4) index at the beginning of the file, and entries grouped under hypertext topic headers.

Hypertext Index

The purpose of the index is to speed up searching of the dictionary. You should have an entry for each beginning letter or combination of letters (for a phonetic dictionary(D- - 6)) that you wish to group for the purposes of searching. Examine the index to a supplied word and phrase(4- 7) dictionary.

Dictionary Entry

  1. To create a dictionary entry, select some text, then use the Translate Add Selection to User Dictionary(3- 34) command. Copy or cut then paste this entry into any hypertext(D- - 4) dictionary.
  2. The dictionary format is:
<Key><Pron><Char><Pron><Char> ... (Opt.Tab) <Opt.Glosses>
  1. Key is an optional key to use if you wish to access the entry by other than its pronunciation. It can be any other object type(4- 2) including stroke(D- - 7) or English or notes. If there is no explicit key, the pronunciations become the key. Pron is the pronunciation of the following Char (Chinese character). Glosses are optional notes glosses(D- - 4) or translations, or any notes object preceded by a notes code(5- 8).
A dictionary entry can contain any number of syllables, words, or phrases consisting of combinations of pronunciations, Chinese characters, and kana (for Japanese). See the example in Add Pronunciation to User Dictionary (Chinese)(2C- 46), ( Japanese)( 2J- 45).

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