ChiJi/Zher4zi4 Smart Characters: A Reading and Learning Tool

Why Are We Here?

One of the most thrilling experiences for a foreign language student comes from being able to read copy written for native speakers without the aid of notes or furigana. What a sense of accomplishment and pride that moment brings when you are finally able to read and comprehend the text with some degree of fluency.

Traditional Analysis Methods

As a beginning language student, or even as an accomplished speaker, you have probably marked up text with notes to help you learn unfamiliar material. This tendency to mark the page commits you to seeing these notes every time you review the material. As it isolates you from the text, it delays the pleasure you find in speaking fluently, once your study is completed.

Reading without Notes

With Smart Characters for Windows, there is no need to mark your text. Instead, you use Smart Characters to look up and enter your vocabulary and notes into the computer. Then you and the builtin vocabulary tutor engage in drills which force you to learn the vocabulary with a response time of around a quarter of a second. When this process is complete, you are able to read the text without notes of any kind, to the amazement of your teacher, fellow students, or co-workers.

This background information is provided to help those unfamiliar with the Chinese or Japanese languages understand the terms and concepts discussed in the Apropos Smart Characters product literature.

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