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Launching Smart Characters

Launching from Windows

To launch, locate the Smart Characters 3.0 icon in the Smart Characters 3.0 group (or another group if you moved it), and double click, or highlight and press Enter.

Multiple Command Line Options

You can optionally specify arguments on the command line, in any order, to automate launching for special purposes. You can also duplicate the Smart Characters program icon, so that each icon can have a different title and different arguments. To access the Smart Characters 3.0 command line arguments, highlight the program icon in Program Manager, and press Alt+Enter or select File | Properties. The command line format is: FileName is the path and name of a file that you wish to open into a document window for editing or printing, or into the vocabulary tutor for practice.

/Switch (no space after the file name) selects a permanent document(4- 3) window number, a function, or a specific initialization file.

Use /i to specify a different initialization file if you don't want Smart Characters to use the default Scw.ini as specified in the Smart Characters 3.0 section of \Windows\win.ini. This is handy for launching Smart Characters with preferences set for different users or projects.

Options turns on or off certain installation aids, which are useful for fine tuning your configuration, as directed by Apropos Customer Service(F- - 1).

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