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Registering Your License

Registering Your License

Do not open the enclosed License Registration envelope until you are ready to register Smart Characters. To register your license:
  1. If you are running an anti-virus program or operating system that prevents writing to an program (.exe) file, turn the write protection off temporarily for this procedure.
  2. Use a pair of scissors, a paper cutter, or a knife to carefully open the License Registration envelope by cutting the sides and the top flap to open it up to a full size page.
  3. Launch Smart Characters, then select File | Options | License to display the License Registration dialog. Write down and verify the serial number and license name information in the boxes in your user's guide (below) and on your warranty card. For example:

A22902912345.1 00 William English @Apropos, Incorp FE36 A38D

  1. Replace the sample license number with the registration numbers from your license (six triplets separated by commas). When finished, press Enter. If you made an error typing, the dialog will reappear. Check the numbers, use the Arrow keys to position the insertion point(5- 1), correct your error, and try again.
  2. Verify that the license registration process worked by saving a document.

Installing Additional Licenses

To obtain additional licenses, or to correct an existing license, call Apropos Customer Service(F- - 1). In most cases, new licenses can be issued during your call, or electronically via the User's Group bulletin board(D- - 1).

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