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Document Conversion

Importing and Exporting

Smart Characters automatically imports and optionally exports documents compatible with the major Chinese and Japanese native word processing standards. Imported documents are converted into the Smart Characters format, including concordance(D- - 2) to the Combined(4- 9) symbol set(D- - 7). Smart Characters text can be likewise saved as a native format for use by native word processors or text editors (however, all annotations are discarded by the native format).

Document conversions are automatically invoked as needed by the File Open(3- 1) and the File Save As(3- 3) commands.

Interpreting Native Formats

For special purposes, the addition of optional fonts gives Smart Characters the ability to interpret native text without conversion. This is handy when browsing large amounts of native text in which the conversion step would slow things down. You can save, print or fax the file, but you can do only simple editing (e.g., cut & paste, formatting, but not text entry) unless you have installed native code space dictionaries. The addition of native code space dictionaries provide full text editing in the native format. Contact Apropos Customer Service(F- - 1) for details.

Disk and Document Formats

There are various formats that someone may wish to convert documents between. These formats depend upon the software and machine used to make the original document.
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