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Converting between Different Disk Formats

Disk Format

Smart Characters works on IBM PC compatible computers, so Smart Characters document files use the standard DOS disk format(7- 1). The Macintosh has its own unique disk format. Other computer hardware and operating systems, such as Unix systems with floppy drives, etc., also have their own incompatible disk formats.

Disk Format Conversion

The first step is to convert the original document to the standard DOS disk format(7- 1). This is accomplished by copying the original document to a standard DOS disk (the conversion cannot be done on the original document's disk). Unfortunately (or scandalously), there is no general way to do this. Instead it must be accomplished as can best be done.

There are some specific disk copying methods that allow conversion between the following machine pairs:

Macintosh to DOS

This is the easiest, because it is the most common, and hence supported, conversion. A recent Macintosh can read and write 3.5 inch DOS disks directly.

Japanese Word Processors to DOS

Using the optional accessory ScDisk(D- - - 7) (not included), you can copy from Fujitsu Oasis and Canon disks to DOS disks..

Copying via Wire

It may be easier to use a machine's communications facility to copy a document to a DOS disk format(8- 7- 1). Using a modem program on the PC, files can be transmitted between the PC and any other machine with some effort. You can use modems on both machines, or use a special cable called a Null Modem to allow for the rapid transfer of data between machines.

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