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Relax and Explore

The first rule is to relax, and the second, explore. You cannot harm the computer by pressing keys, or the mouse buttons. The very worst that can happen is that you inadvertently lose the work that you have just completed. Even this will be of almost no consequence if you save your work often.

Key Points

A few keys are so important that they deserve special mention. They are:
F1 invokes the Help system. Enter selects a highlighted item. Esc means Cancel. If you selected something by mistake, or you just want "out," press Esc repeatedly until you are in the clear. Left Mouse button (as in click and double click) selects a highlighted item, sizes a window or rectangle, positions the insertion point(5- 1), or begins drag and drop editing. Right Mouse button invokes a speed menu, a short menu with the most popular functions, depending on the context. LeftShift and RightShift are usually but not always equivalent. For example, the left and right shift keys plus Space invoke different dictionary lookup functions.

Installing Smart Characters

Do Not Open Until...

Do not open the enclosed License Registration envelope until you have installed Smart Characters and are ready to register it.

Installation Procedure

To install Smart Characters onto your hard disk:

Enter the Licensee

Licenses are issued to persons and organizations. Each registered user or licensee (one per serial number) is eligible to receive customer service support. During the installation process, the user enters his or her name and, if applicable, an organization name. Mail order customers may have their license names installed automatically.

In Case of Difficulty

If you do not have enough disk space for the full system, specify fewer disk consuming installation options. If you still cannot fit the system with at least one set of word processing dictionaries, you can remove more parts of the system and still get it to work. In this case, or if you encounter any other difficulties in your installation, Apropos Customer Service(32- 1) is happy to help.

Follow the Tutorials

Please take the time to go through either the basic Chinese tutorials in Chapter 2C, or the Japanese tutorials in Chapter 2J. Besides teaching you the fundamentals, the tutorials test the accuracy of your installation. If you did not order or receive the printed chapters, load and print them from the text files in the \Sc\Chi or \Sc\Jpn directories.

Complete the Installation

After you have tested the software installation by going through the beginning tutorials, register your license for full functionality. See (1- 8).

Further Customization

After you have achieved some familiarity with Smart Characters, you may wish to customize it to your needs. In particular, you should name your user font(4- 12) to avoid future conflicts when sharing documents. See Installing a User Font(8- 4). Call Apropos Customer Service(F- - 1) for assistance customizing for specialized purposes, or in unusual environments.

Copying an Existing Installation

Smart Characters comes with a license for a single machine. You can purchase licenses for additional machines at any time. You may move a license from one machine to another by copying or installing Smart Characters on the new machine, registering the license on that machine, and completely erasing or deleting the original installation, provided you do so no more than once per year. You may not register a license on more than one machine at a time: to do so would be a violation of the Apropos License Agreement and U.S. law.

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