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Concordance Files

Concordance File

A concordance file contains a concordance(D- - 2) between a To and a From symbol set(D- - 7). Smart Characters concordance files concord native symbol sets to the Combined(4- 9) symbol set. Smart Characters uses concordance files to display a document using a native (e.g., TrueType(D- - 8)) font. The ScConv(D- - 7) import filter uses them for document conversion. Making a concordance file is a major undertaking, but one Smart Characters is ideally suited for, with multiple window, font, and symbol set capabilities.

Concordance Format

The Smart Characters concordance format is designed to allow for the easy inspection of a concordance file(12- 6) for errors and omissions. Each line has two items, a From character number(D- - 2) or alphabetic code, and its corresponding To character number or alphabetic code:

<Symbol Set Code><From Entry> (tab) <Symbol Set Code><To Entry>

Symbol Set Code is the symbol set index(4- 10) format code(D- - 3), applied using the Character Format(3- 16) dialog, or by directly typing the code.

The From and To Entries are a character number(D- - 2), an alphabetic pronunciation, or some other corresponding characters. Entries where there is no corresponding "other" character should be given a fixed "unknown" character number (^R0 in the Combined(4- 9) symbol set) which displays as a question mark.

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