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Object Errors

Object Error

There was an error with an object used in a Smart Characters document. See How Objects Are Stored(4- 15).

Fixed: Phantom object deleted: an object place holder found in the text file does not correspond to an actual object. The missing object is deleted. Select OK.

Cannot save objects: (file name): the associated file or the document file could not be opened for writing because of a DOS file error, so the objects have not been saved. Select OK.

Objects write error: (file name): there was a DOS file error (e.g., the disk is full) writing the objects, so the objects have not been saved. Select OK.

Fixed, Object Count Discrepancy (# present, # written): Smart Characters internal count (present) of the number of objects in your document did not match the number of objects actually in the document (written). Verify that you have not lost an object, and report this internal error to Apropos Customer Service(F- - 1). Select OK.

Object Error, Embedded objects or document corrupted. Try to recover?: Smart Characters detected an error in embedded objects, or in the associated object file. You can try to recover objects between the final object and the object in which the error occurs, or skip the recovery and treat any attached objects as plain text, which might be handy for inspecting damaged files. Select Yes to recover as many objects as possible. Select OK to delete all embedded objects but load the entire contents of the document file as though there were no attached objects.

Corrupted objects, (file name): the object file is ruined. Objects can not be loaded. Select OK.

Objects read error, (file name): there was a DOS file error reading the objects, so that some objects can not be loaded. Select OK.

Object Error, Object Count Discrepancy (# read, # written): The number of objects Smart Characters read did not match the number of objects claimed to be written in the document. This error could come from a corrupted file that escaped earlier detection. Select OK.

Object Error, Object n of m could not be loaded: although the file was read from the disk, the Windows OLE system could not process the object. Select OK.

Bookmark Error

Deleting Bookmark, Can't find bookmark in document: you deleted a bookmark from the bookmark list that couldn't be found in the document, possibly because the location has changed by cutting and pasting. Smart Characters deletes the bookmark, but will re-install it (if it exists) the next time it processes the text in the window. Select OK, go to the end of the document, and try again.

(Bookmark name): Don't recognize bookmark: Smart Characters has lost track of the selected bookmark. It may still exist. Select OK.

(Bookmark Name): Updating missing or moved bookmark (was at #) indicates that a bookmark that was missing (in deleted or moved text) has been fixed. Select OK.

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