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OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) Errors

OLE Client Error

OLE Error messages indicate problems communicating with the Windows OLE (Object Linking and Embedding)(D- - 5) system as a client.

OLE Error: You cannot activate a static object occurs when you try to edit a static object, that is, an object for which editing has been disabled. Select OK.

OLE Error: Error allocating memory indicates that you have run out of system global memory, and you cannot create or edit additional objects. Select OK, close some applications to free memory, and try again.

OLE Error: Objects in document lack document registration: the document was not registered with Windows, so objects in the document cannot be saved. If the document file was contained attached objects, the original objects must be recovered from the backup file (*.bak). Any associated object file remains unchanged. Select OK.

OLE Server Error

OLE Server Error messages indicate problems communicating with the Windows OLE (Object Linking and Embedding)(D- - 5) system as a server, or problems in objects submitted to Smart Characters from other applications that wish to display Chinese characters using OLE.

Scw: The Object Has Been Changed, Update (object name) before closing the object: indicates that you are about to close an object but that it has not been saved. Select Yes to save the object, No to discard changes, and Cancel to not close the object.

Embedded Object Too Complex indicates that some formatting information was lost. Select OK and simplify the object (e.g., fewer typefaces, etc.), and try again.

(Message): Cannot register SCW server in Registry indicates a problem with your Windows Registry (registration database). OLE will not work. Select OK, and use the Windows RegEdit application with the /v (verbose) switch to troubleshoot the Registry.

Smart Characters: Cannot register SCW as OLE server: Windows was notified that the Smart Characters OLE server is launched and active, but the Windows Registry would not accept the registration. Select OK.

SCW OLE Server Information: This document was not registered with OLE, so not exporting the selected object as an OLE object: the document you are working in is in a permanent document(4- 3) window, or was generated automatically by Smart Characters, and has not been registered with the Windows Registry. Select OK. If you want to copy this object to another application, first paste it into a normal document window.

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