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Add-On Accessory Errors

Add On Not Installed

(Add-On name): Not Installed. You invoked an add-on accessory command, but the add on application is not installed. Select OK.

Unannotated Native Text Only

(Add-On name): You can process only native (JIS, B5, GB, etc.) text format files: you invoked an add-on accessory command, that works with native format text files only. Select OK. If the file is in a native text format, abandon (restore) the file, selecting Interpret File As. If the file is in the Smart Characters format, save it as a native file format, then open the native text file.

Cannot Interpret 7 Bit Codes

Cannot Interpret: Cannot interpret native files that use 7 bit character codes: you opened a file that is in a 7 bit native format (e.g., JIS or HZ), and selected Interpret File As, but Smart Characters can interpret only 8 bit encoding methods. Select OK, and either select Convert File From or use ScConv(D- - 7) to convert JIS to EUC or HZ to GB.

Printing & Output Errors

Printing Error

The Printing Error messages are:
  1. Printer cannot print bitmaps: your printer cannot print Smart Characters bitmap graphics output.
  2. Starting the Print Job: the print driver is not accepting new print jobs, or is not installed.
  3. Starting a new Page: the print driver cannot allocate enough resources to print a full page of graphics at the print resolution you have selected.
  4. Ending a Page: this is the time when the printer driver must convert the rendered page into a print file and send it to the print spooler. This time consuming step can fail because of lack of memory.
  5. Ending the print job: for some reason, the print driver cannot end the print job.
Select OK. See Printing Documents(4- 14).

You may get erroneous printing results without error messages. See Print Driver Errors(A- - 10).

Print Driver Errors

Some Windows printer drivers yield erroneous results (e.g., only part of a page being printed) without error messages. See Printing Documents(4- 14). This could occur because the printer driver for the selected printer (see the File Printer Setup(3- 4) command) is not capable of reproducing multiple pages of full page graphics at the desired resolution with your Windows system resources, but does not display an error message. Try the following: To work around an old print driver:

Print Job Canceled

Note: Print Job Canceled: You pressed the abort button when printing. See Printing Documents(4- 14). Select OK.

Processing Canceled

Note: Processing Canceled indicates that you canceled a lengthy process. Select OK.

Process Complete: User fonts in (#) point sizes were created (and copied) indicates the successful creation of a new user font(4- 12). Select OK.

Conversion Complete: Ok as is: (#), Needed numbers: (#), Total entries: (#), (#) required moving Notes to the end message indicates the successful conversion of an existing document into a vocabulary lesson(D- - 8) formatted document. Select OK.

Process completed (#). (Add-On) File Name: (name): the add-on accessory processed the document window, and if it was successful, returned the file name of a new document, which Smart Characters will open. Note the results, and select OK to open the file.

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