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License Messages

License Not Registered

You need to register your License to print, save files. Register your license or cancel and continue in demonstration mode. See Registering Your License(1- 8) and To Software Pirates(A- - 11).

To Software Pirates

If you are using an unauthorized copy of Smart Characters in violation of the copyright, please consider the following: producing excellent software takes money, but Smart Characters is not high priced software. In order to fund ongoing development, and keep a low price, the costs must be shared by all Smart Characters users, rather than being borne by a few. The low price is not burdensome. Because Smart Characters is a product of the United States of America, your payment will strengthen US industry, contribute to the US economy, and help reduce the US trade deficit. Over the next few years, those who benefit from a strong US economy need to buy American, and your contribution is a start.

Internal Errors

Internal Error

Internal Error messages are our fault, and we apologize. You cannot fix these errors, but you can try to avoid them. May the following Internal Error messages never occur:
  1. Begin (#) and End (#) are out of bounds (#), Gap (Length or Position) out of bounds, Index is g.t. Document, (Boundary Name) Boundary Limits indicate discrepancies in managing the document.
  2. Line # Doesn't Fit occurs when displaying a line above the window, or more than 100 lines of text in a window.
  3. Note: # outside the current line(D- - 2) indicates that text has exceeded the line length limit of 512.
There is no exact recovery method. You may have to cycle though many error messages as an initial error propagates through the system, causing additional errors. Try the following:

Not Implemented

Not Implemented: The function you selected is not implemented in this release (version, build). You attempted an operation that this version(D- - 8) and build of Smart Characters does not yet perform. Some menu and dialog box selections are included in this release because we are adding the functionality for release in a later version. If you need to use that function, you must update your version. Call Apropos Customer Service(F- - 1) for details.

Topic Not in Help

The Topic Not in Help message results from the partial addition of a new function or command to Smart Characters. If you get this message, the topic you selected is not in this version(D- - 8) of the help file. Contact Apropos Customer Service(F- - 1) at 617-648-2041 for an updated help file, to ask a question, or to make a comment or suggestion.

In the meantime, select Back to return to the previous topic, and use the browse buttons (<<) and (>>) to browse the help system.

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