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Document Window Keys

Function Keys

Function keys act as shortcuts to the menus or other controls. The function keys consist of the keyboard function keys F1 to F12, the cursor keys such as the Arrow, Home, End, and Page keys, the number pad keys which also function as arrow keys, the special keys(5- 12) such as Esc, Enter, Tab, Insert, and Delete, and the Windows shortcut keys(5- 12). See the Function Key Diagram(5- 15) for a list of functions grouped by key.

Typewriter Keys

Typewriter keys are the regular letters and numbers on the typewriter (i.e. "qwerty") portion of the keyboard, with or without the Shift key or the Ctrl key. Pressing a typewriter key inserts a character or code directly into the document at the insertion point. There is no "overwrite" mode in Smart Characters.

Typewriter Key Behavior

  1. Pressing or pasting a typewriter key(5- 6) enters text into the document at the insertion point according to the following rules:
See Type Rules(4- 2).

Changing the Input Mode

Although it is quicker to type the desired object type code(D- - 5), it is safest to use the Side Plus and Side Minus (or F12 and Shift+F12) keys to change the input mode(4- 2). An object type code inserted into an existing text object(4- 1) splits and changes the object type(4- 2) of new text object, intended or not. For example, pressing Ctrl+W before the English word "foot" changes it to the hiragana (nonsense) ha-ra-ra-su.

On the other hand, you may wish to change between hiragana and katakana, English and notes, or other related object types. See Changing the Object Type(5- 7) and the examples in Working with Codes(5- 7).

Redraw Line when in Doubt

If you change the type of an exiting text object(4- 1), only the first character in the object is redrawn. To verify that the entire text object has changed as intended, redraw the current line(D- - 2) using the Redraw Line(3- 6) command.

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