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ScConv Configuration

(D- - 7) uses the concordance file(12- 6) entries in the version 2.9 initialization file \sc\Sc.cfg:

ScConvMenu: ScConv.mnu
ScConvHelp: ScConv.hlp
ScConcord: 1 0 01_00ii.con * Fancy- JIS II to Sc Combined
ScConcord: 15 0 15_00.con * Big- Five to Sc Combined
ScConcord: 16 0 16_00.con * GuoBiao to Sc Combined

Additionally, the Scw.ini Text Converters(B- - 3) section contains entries to accomplish import and export filtering. These entries launch ScConv in batch mode. You can edit the entries or add new ones to use other filters, including DOS batch files for complex tasks.

[Text Converters]
BIG5=Big Five Chinese, *.b5*, C:\SC\ScConv.exe, %1=15 %2=0 -b5 -fd, %1=0 %2=15 -c5
ROMAJ=Romaji Text, *.txt, C:\SC\ScConv.exe, %1=0 %2=0 -r,,

For an explanation of the command line switches, see Running ScConv from DOS(7- 5).

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