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Fonts and the
Symbol Set View

Operations on a Font

The symbol set view(8- 1) window accesses the existing installed fonts for browsing, selection for pasting into a document, querying, annotation, conversion, or glyph editing. You can install additional fonts to add point sizes(D- - 6), typefaces(4- 11), and symbol sets(D- - 7). Additionally, you can derive the necessary configuration information to use fonts from other word processors(8- 5).

Symbol Set View Window

The symbol set view window displays a character map(D- - 1) view of a font. The window operates on fonts opened by the Symbol Set View | File Open(3- 42) command. To browse fonts installed into Windows(D- - 8), use the Keyboard Character Map(3- 29) command.

The symbol set view window operates independently of the main frame window. In keeping with tradition, the window displays characters in increasing order from top to bottom, then right to left. The beginning character is displayed in the upper right hand corner of the window. The characters displayed are also saved in the permanent symbol(4- 4) window. The display range is set by the window size and scroll range, indicated in the title bar. To scroll the characters in the window, drag the scrollbar thumtabs, press Page Up and Page Dn, select Previous and Next, or select the Start(3- 48) command to specify a starting character number(D- - 2). Native fonts can be mapped according to their native symbol set(D- - 7) or the Combined(4- 9) symbol set according to the Start(3- 48) dialog Map Mode control.

To select a character in the symbol set view window, click on it with the mouse. You can then select Query(3- 47) to display pronunciations and meanings, Select(3- 47) to copy the character to the list(4- 4) window for pasting into a document, or Annotate(3- 47) to open a dialog to add pronunciation or glosses(D- - 4) to your user dictionary(4- 7). Edit (or double click) opens the Font Bit Edit(3- 48) dialog to edit or export the character glyph(D- - 4).

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