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Installation and Customization


Installation Disks

Smart Characters comes on 3.5 inch 1.44 mb floppy diskettes. These disks contain the files to be installed. Most files are compressed (reduced in size). The installation programs on Install Disk 1 Setup and MsTest work with the information files Setup.lst, Scw*.inf, and Scw*.mst plus various .dll library files. You can identify the build from the numbers (*) in the files.

You may receive additional Update disks. Keep these disks together with the original Install disks. You will generally need the original disks in order to re-install your system. Be sure to follow the backup procedure in Recovering from a Corrupted Installation(11- 1).

Besides the standard software, popular optional accessories may also be included on any distribution disk in encrypted ZIP archive(D- - 9) files as space allows. See Installing Accessaries(11- 3).

Recovering from a Corrupted Installation

If your installation becomes corrupted, you can reinstall the system, or you can try to identify and recover corrupted files, either from a backup or from the distribution disks.
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