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AAppendix A: Error Messages

Windows Errors

Cannot find Scw.exe

Cannot find Scw.exe or one of its components is the Windows(D- - 8) (not Smart Characters) error message, so on-line help is not available. The executable Scw.exe or an associated DLL (dynamic link library) files is missing. Smart Characters uses Bwcc.dll and Dbttfi.dll. See Launch Sequence(B- - 1).

Unresolved DynaLink

Unresolved DynaLink is a Windows(D- - 8) error message, so on-line help is not available. You have an out-of-date copy of a common library named Bwcc.dll installed on your system, instead of the more up-to-date version supplied with Smart Characters (on Install Disk 2). Read the read-me file \sc\DynaLink.txt for directions on how to re-install Bwcc.dll. See Launch Sequence(B- - 1).

Launch Error

Launch Error: Error (#) launching (add-on name, program name, command line): Windows could not launch the indicated program with the command line as shown. Select Retry to try again or Cancel to quit.

(File name): Cannot open command file: the invoked an add-on accessory application requires a command file which cannot be written. Select OK, check your disk, and make sure that any existing command file of the same name is not read only.

Cannot Open Clipboard

Clipboard cannot be opened: indicates that something has gone wrong with Windows(D- - 8) or another application. Select OK, quit Smart Characters, and restart Windows.

Can't Change Directory

Invalid SysPath: Can't change to (SysPath) directory: the directory specified in the Scw.ini [WorkStation] section SysPath entry does not exist. Press OK to abort the launch, and use NotePad to change the entry in Scw.ini.

Ini File Error

Ini File Error: Rebuilding (name) Section indicates that a section is missing from Scw.ini or a User or Project file. This is a serious error that deprives Smart Characters of important configuration information. The cause is typically an incorrect path name in the ini file specification, so Smart Characters cannot find the file, and all sections are "missing." Select OK to rebuild the section (doesn't work if the directory doesn't exist) or Cancel to skip the step. See Launch Sequence(B- - 1).

Invalid User File Name

New User Error: You must enter a new file name requests that you enter a file name in the File Edit User(3- 6) dialog. Select OK.

New User Error: (name) is an invalid file name: indicates that the name you entered was not a valid DOS file name. Select OK.

Menu File Error

Menu File Error: Menu File not Installed, Keeping existing menus indicates that Smart Characters was not able to load the selected menu and dialog resource file. Select OK.

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