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Appendix B: Initialization Files

Introduction to Initialization

Smart Characters uses a variety of initialization and configuration files to keep track of system settings, installed components, and user preferences. The variety of configuration files facilitates office and network installation. A corrupted initialization file will result in a sequence of error messages, usually terminating in a fatal exit. See Restoring Initialization Files(B- - 1).

Restoring Initialization Files

Corrupted initialization files can be restored by comparing them to their originals, located on Install Disk 2. Note the affected section from any Rebuilding Section(A- - 1) error message, and use a text editor to compare the section in Win.ini to Scwin.ini, Scw.ini, and a user or project .ini file to any of the factory default .ini files: Welcome, Chinese, Pinyin and Japanese. See Ini File Rules(B- - 1) and Launch Sequence(B- - 1).

Launch Sequence

When Smart Characters launches, Windows first tries to find the executable Scw.exe and any associated DLL (dynamic link library) files. Smart Characters uses Bwcc.dll and, optionally, Dbttfi.dll. If either of these libraries is missing or out of date, Windows will abort Smart Characters. The error messages display Cannot find Scw.exe(A- - 1) or one of its components if a library is missing, or Unresolved DynaLink(A- - 1) if a library is out of date.

After Smart Characters loads, it begins to initialize by reading a sequence of initialization (configuration) files, and loading the corresponding system components. See Ini File Error(A- - 1).

Ini File Rules

An initialization (.ini) file consists of entries are arranged by section. Most sections and entries are maintained by dialog boxes. For those that are not, use a text editor like NotePad or Smart Characters in Ascii Only display mode(3- 7) to edit them.

A section is delimited by a section name within square brackets[]. Every entry following a section name in the section, up to the next section name. An entry is one line of text consisting of a key, an equals sign, and multiple values. Keys should be unique.


Win.ini in the local Windows directory(D- - 9) contains one section which has entries to point to the Smart Characters default directory and the default Smart Characters configuration file.

[Smart Characters 3.0]

ExePath specifies the program and system directories, which could be located on a network. This path contains the default configuration file Sc.cfg. This value is not used by Smart Characters, and is provided to allow other applications to locate the installation.

IniPath specifies the workstation initialization file. This file provides the root of a hierarchy of configuration files. It could reside on a local disk, or be named for a group and located in a common directory on the network.

[DoubleByte TrueType Font Interface 1.0]

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