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Font Errors

Cannot Load Font

Cannot Load Font: (type name, file name): Smart Characters cannot load the indicated font. The font file is probably missing or incorrect. Note the font type and file name from the dialog, and locate it using the symbol set view window File Install(3- 43) command.

Too Many Alpha Characters

Too Many Alphas: (Allocated , TypeFace, Type Name, Required): The initialization file allocated a certain number of alpha characters, but the font definition section specified more. The extra characters will be accessed from the disk, so display speed will be slower. Increase Allocated to match Required in the Scw.ini Memory Sizes(B- - 2) section Alpha entry, or eliminate an unused alphabetic font(4- 13).

Not Enough Memory

Not Enough Memory: (TypeFace, File Name): The indicated font was eliminated because of low memory. Select Ignore. See the Scw.ini Bitmap Fonts(B- - 4) section.

No Font Open

No Font Open: the font file for the font you selected was missing. See the Scw.ini Bitmap Fonts(B- - 4) section.

Cannot Save Character

Cannot Save Character: (error message) indicates that the character was not saved, and a DOS error code was returned. The font file might not be open, you may not have write privileges, or your license may not be registered (see License Not Registered(A- - 11)).

Font Not Reloaded

(Font name): Font Not Reloaded you can reload an alphabetic font(4- 13) only if you have not changed the point size. Select OK, quit Smart Characters, and re-launch.

Cannot Install Font

Can't Install: Not enough slots to install (TypeFace, FileName) indicates that an out of memory error prevents installing the indicated font. Select OK, and report the error to Apropos Customer Service(F- - 1).

No User Font Installed

Scw.ini Error: No User Font Installed indicates that you wanted to add a user characters(4- 10), but that there was no user font(4- 12) installed, including the factory default, 1012:DefaultUser. Select OK, and check your Scw.ini Bitmap Fonts(B- - 4) section: it has most likely become corrupted. See Restoring Initialization Files(B- - 1).

Point Sizes Must Be Same

Font Compare: Point Sizes Must Be Same: you can compare two fonts with the same point size only. Select OK.

Update Other Point Sizes Query

Update Other Point Sizes: Additional point sizes (# # pts) exist. Scale and copy to all? You have saved a bitmap character, and additional point sizes exist in the typeface(4- 11). Select Yes to scale the character and update these sizes, or No to leave them as is.

Cannot Open File for Output

(File Name): Cannot open proxy font file for output indicates that a disk file error (e.g., the disk is full) has occurred writing a proxy font(D- - 6) to disk in the document file directory. Press OK, free some space, and try again.

Too Many Symbol Sets

Too Many Symbol Sets: (typeface) is not registered in your user dictionary(4- 7). There are no more symbol set indexes(4- 10) to register a new symbol set in the document. Select OK and manually register the symbol set (in place of another).

Register this Symbol Set Query

Register this Symbol Set: (typeface): you are pasting a character into a document, but the character's symbol set(D- - 7) is not registered in the document. Select Yes to register the character or No to abort the paste. Manually register the symbol set then try again.

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