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Word Processor & Vocabulary Tutor Errors

Cannot Open File

Cannot Open File: DOS Error Code (code, doscode) indicates that a large file cannot be opened. It may already be opened by another application. If so, close the file and select Retry. Otherwise select Cancel.

Conversion Error

(File name): Conversion Error (code) indicates that an error has occurred converting a document file to load into a document window. If the conversion process is lengthy, a time-out error will occur, but you can wait until the process is done. Select Retry to continue to wait, or Cancel to cancel the file open.

Save Changes to File Save Changes to File

(File name): Save Changes to File: You are about to replace an open file, abandon a document, or clear a document window, but the indicated document has been modified but not saved. Select Yes to save the document, No to discard the document, or Cancel to cancel the clear, replace, or abandon request

File Not Saved

File Not Saved: (message) message is displayed along with an error code. The error code is usually a DOS file error code, as documented in your DOS manual. Generally, DOS file error codes are the result of a full disk or a full directory. Smart Characters has two error messages of its own:
  1. 999 Canceled by Operator: you canceled the save.
  2. Error 17995 means your license is not yet registered. See License Not Registered(A- - 11).

Original Format Query

(File name): File was opened in (format name) format, Would you like to save it in Smart Characters 3.0 format? asks whether to convert the format or save as is. Select Yes to save as Smart Characters 3.0, No to save in the original format, and Cancel to cancel the save.

(File name): Cannot convert Interpreted (format name) format. Re-open and Convert to SC notifies you that File | Save As converts from Smart Characters formats only. Use ScConv(D- - 7) to convert between native formats.

(File name): Save Smart Characters Header asks whether to save the Smart Characters header to this native file. This information allows quick access to the file, saves global formatting, and can be deleted easily by most native word processors. Select Yes to save the header, No to not save the header, and Cancel to cancel the save.

Backup Existing File

(File name): Backup Existing File: The file you are saving already exists, and is a medium size or larger (small files are always backed up). It may be a prior version, or you may have specified the wrong file name.
  1. Yes erases any previous backup file (".bak"), renames the existing file with the backup extension, and saves the document. Use this option by default.
  2. No erases and overwrites the old file. Handy when disk space is low, deadly if you make a mistake. Use this option only when you absolutely have to, and only for the largest files.
  3. Cancel doesn't save the document. You can change the name, or cancel the save in the Open File(3- 1) dialog.

Cannot Close a Permanent Window

Note: You can't close the permanent (name) window, minimize it instead: Select OK.

Active Document Window Only

Note: This Command operates on an active document window only: Select OK, restore a document window or open a new one, and try again.

Create File with Same Name Query

(File name): Create a new file (.?v0) with the same name? occurs after selecting a vocabulary file for processing by the vocabulary file converter, which would result in a new document file with the same name. Select OK to create the new document (be careful to keep track of which is which), or Cancel to not create the document.

Save Form Query

(Form name): Save a new form with these values? You have typed in a new form name in the Format Page Setup(3- 39) dialog, and selected OK to apply the form to the current document. Select Yes to create and save the new system-wide form for use in other documents, No to keep the form private to the current document.

(Form name): Update the existing form with new values? You have changed some values in the Page Setup dialog. Select Yes to update the system-wide form, No to keep the changes private to the current document.

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