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Word Processor Hanzi / Kanji menu


The Browse command opens a symbol set view(8- 1) window to display, install, and manipulate fonts, and locate, query, annotate, and edit characters. The symbol set view window is independent of the main frame window, and may be positioned anywhere on the screen. The window displays the Chinese characters ( Chars(D- - 2)) font in use at the insertion point in the active document window.


The Edit command opens both a symbol set view(8- 1) window and a bitmap Edit(3- 48) dialog. The character displayed in the hidden characters(5- 4) window (or to the left of the insertion point in the active document window) becomes the edit character, and its font is displayed in the symbol set view window.

Add User Character

The Add User Character command opens the default user characters(4- 10) font, and searches it for a suitable location (i.e., a blank character or the end of the font) to assign a new character number(D- - 2). See the Font Add User(3- 43) command.


The Install command invokes the Font Install(3- 43) dialog to install and set up Asian bitmap(8- 5) and, with the optional DoubleByte TrueType Font Interface(13- 1), TrueType(D- - 8) fonts. See Installing a Font(8- 5).

Radical and Stroke

The Radical and Stroke command invokes the Reference Dictionary command to load an optional radical and stroke dictionary(4- 8) for quick lookups of Chinese characters in printed material. Use the Translate Select Dictionaries(3- 33) command to install a radical and stroke dictionary as a reference(4- 8) dictionary.


The Query command is identical to word processor Query or Lookup Word or Phrase(3- 30) command which creates a list of pronunciations, words, and phrases that use the queried character. The active (open) dictionaries are used, even if there are no entries that match (e.g., if the Chinese dictionaries are open, querying a Japanese only character yields Target Not Found).

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