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Installing and Using Accessory Fonts

Use Other Fonts

If you have access to another Asian word processor, you can export a Smart Characters document to a format suitable for printing in the other word processor. The limitation of converting to the other format is that pronunciations or notes cannot be printed as in Smart Characters. Fortunately, if the other product's font file format(8- 5) is compatible with Smart Characters, its fonts can be used directly in Smart Characters.

Using an Installed Font

You can use an installed native symbol set(D- - 7) (11:JIS, 15:BigFive, or 16:GuoBiao) font in the following ways:

Installing a Font

Although accessory fonts typically install themselves into the Smart Characters system, you can install fonts from other Asian word processors that don't have Smart Characters Install programs by yourself. The basic steps to installing a font are: The \Sc\System directory is the default for Smart Characters fonts, but you can use any directory or drive. If it already exists in another directory (for use with another word processor), just note the directory.

Native fonts are generally installed treating the alphabetic portions of the font as all characters (no object types). Adding alphabetic fonts(4- 13) (fonts with object type(4- 2) other than Chars(D- - 2)) requires creating dictionaries and keyboard definitions(12- 6).

If you have difficulties, Apropos Customer Service(F- - 1) may be able to look up the font specifications, or figure them out for you. See the examples for the optional native fonts FancyJIS, PlainJIS, BigFive, GuoBiao (you can obtain these fonts by calling Apropos Customer Service). For installation of large numbers of fonts in which you know the parameters, it might be faster to use a text editor (or File | Open | As Is | Interpret File As) to duplicate entries in the Scw.ini Bitmap Fonts(B- - 4) section.

Converting Fonts

You may need to create additional fonts for special purposes. If you have access to a particular font or typeface(4- 11) from a native word processor that you wish to use with Smart Characters, you can convert the typeface from the native word processor's symbol set(D- - 7) to the Smart Characters 0:Combined(4- 9) symbol set(D- - 7):

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